Full name :

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg

Location :

Mount Blackhead

Nano level :


Nicknames :

One cool dude (by Ed)

PewDiePie (also known as Felix) is a 23 year-old Swedish video game commentator known for his videos on YouTube. He is a very new update to the FusionFall universe.

In FusionFall

PewDiePie was editing a video of himself playing another custom-made Amnesia map, when a meteor hit his backyard, causing Fusion Spawns to turn his house into a Fusion Fun House. PewDiePie was able to escape to Mount Blackhead, where he met Ed and became his good friend and temporary replacement.


Most of his missions involve the player trying to find PewDiePie's dog, Maya, and his girlfriend, CutiePie (both at Peach Creek Commons). Besides that, PewDiePie will make the player find his video equipment, so thathe can start making new videos at Mount Blackhead since it's the only thing he can do at the moment. Another mission will require the hero to go to his house in order to find his games about which he will be able to make videos and, as he puts it, "make the world a PewDier place."



PewDiePie nano

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