WoofbotA World Mission Multitasking Machine (Part 1 of 3)
Level 10
Difficulty Medium
Character Woofbot
Place Robitown
Help Woofbot catch up on his errands!
My Notes
I helped Woofbot catch up on his errands.

WoofbotA Woofbot
First, i have to repair the park and flush toilets.
Step One
Go to park n flush
WoofbotA Woofbot
Ok, it looks like the handle is stolen by those ninjas!
Step 2
Defeat the newspaer ninjas

Handle 0/1

WoofbotA Woofbot
Oh good, you got it back! fix it!
Step 3
Repair the toilet.
WoofbotA Woofbot
Next, I have to dryclean the rabbit's tie.
Step 4
Talk to Mr. Herriman
WoofbotA Woofbot
Quick, take it to Dry Cleaning Machinery...
Step 5
Take the tie to Dry Cleaning Machinery

Remaining Time: 1000

WoofbotA Woofbot
Give it back to him!
Step 6
Go back to Mr. Herriman

Remaining Time: 1000

WoofbotA Woofbot
Detecting a Congratulations! Come back to me!

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