My name is Fury. Me and my friends (Saffron IvoryMaddox, Becca FieldCow, and Kitty Logaunlet) were just ordinary kids minding our own business -- but one day, an incident changed our lives forever.

Chapter 1

Me and my friends were walking by a news store when Becca saw the news and screamed, "Hey, guys, they are saying mysterious alien creatures are falling from the sky in Candy Cove. Hmmm..."

"Hey! My parents live there! We have to go to Candy Cove..."


Saffron reacted to the situation quite rudely. He said, "So what? They say Dexter is making some kind of invention -- what was it again? -- oh yeah, Nanos; and besides, heroes can protect us, can't they?" Then he recognized Becca's "angry face" and gave up.

I replied, "We can take the bus."

So we went on the Slider system. Then we heard Becca scream. We turned around to look and saw her getting attacked by a metal dragon-like thing. We all were outnumbered as more kept on coming.

Chapter 2

I said, "We are dead. We are dead -- but on second thought we are not dead."

Soon we all regained consciousness and saw Grim and told him the whole story.

Grim replied, "I made the Resurrect 'Em to revive killed people 'cause of the invasion, and business is booming!"

I asked him, "What invasion?"

Then my teammates told me to turn around and I saw the Null Void with half of it being covered with some green blobs of goo. We then noticed Ben and asked him, "What are you doing here?"

His response was, "Training rookies for the invasion of an alien planet called Planet Fusion with their leader Lord Fuse!"

We had heard of Lord Fuse before, but thought him to be imaginary. Then Ben told us about monsters and fusions, weapons, and Nanos. In fact, we got our own Nano, Nano Finn. When we were told leave, Saffron protested and said, "We will do what we wanna do and we want to stay!"

Ben replied, "This is not the place you can kill Fuse. That's back on Earth. Now go and talk to Rex."

With that we went through the spawns and met Rex. He greeted us with, "Hey, Ben taught you a thing or two. Ok, now come with me through this portal."

Just before we could, Fusion Spawns jumped on top of us. I killed mine, but the rest of us got killed. I waited for them to come over to me as more Fusion Spawns tried to get through the portal. Rex was able to hold his own against the Spawns, but I was having a little more trouble with the Spawns attacking me. Suddenly a high leveled, skilled fighter came and killed them with one blow. He said he was my Future counterpart!

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