Zack TonamiA World Mission Infinity Where It Exceeds (Part 1 of 4)
Level 59
Difficulty Medium
Character Zack Tonami
Place Crisis Peak
Control the Cross Gate.
My Notes
Something is wrong with the cross gate! Go check it out for me.


Zack TonamiA Zack Tonami
Since we came here, something's been wrong with the cross gate. I think it has something to do with those fusions again. Go check out what's the matter with it.
Step 1
Go to Dark City.

ZekzonA Zekzon
Hey, come talk to me. I'll tell you where the gate is.
Step 2
Talk to Zekzon.

ZekzonA Zekzon
The gate is in The Badlands; Sly will guide you to it.
Step 3
Talk to Sly Cooper.

Sly CooperA Sly Cooper
The Cross Gate? Oh, it's a little bit farther.
BlossomA Blossom
Hey, I got an update about that gate. It got taken over by Fusion Blossom, Bubbles, Zack, Zekzon, Computress, and Dexter.
Zack TonamiA Zack Tonami
Oh, man, defeat them!
Step 4
Go to the Cross Gate Control Center.

Zack TonamiA Zack Tonami
Good, you're in the Control Room. Now go to the left side to the Module.
Step 5
Shut down the module.

Samurai JackA Samurai Jack
Come talk to me. I have found Fusion Blossom and Bubbles. You cannot defeat them by yourself.
Step 6
Defeat Fusion Blossom and Bubbles (0/2).

ZekzonA Zekzon
Hey, you might wanna check this out: Fusion Zekzon and Zack have taken over the power supply.
Zack TonamiA Zack Tonami
Go defeat those two fusions. Give them what they deserve!
Step 7
Defeat Fusion Zack and Zekzon.


DexterA Dexter
Bad News. Fusion Dexter and Computress have taken over the controls. Defeat some Dark Sluggers to break the barrier.
Step 8
Defeat (0/12) Dark Sluggers.
Step 9
Defeat Fusion Dexter and Computress


ComputressA Computress
The Gate is fully operational again. Talk to Zack so we can go through it.
Step 11
Talk To Zack.
Zack TonamiA Zack Tonami
The Cross Gate is now usable thanks to you. You can go to just about anywhere through it!

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