Huntor's Crest Map
Huntor's Crest
Area Level 31
NPCs Demongo
Huntor's Crest is a highly infected area in the center of the Darklands, containing the ruins of a fortress, a small SACT Agents' camp and a gigantic ravine containing a small bridge, the only passage to the Dark Glade. After the player has crossed the lava and flame of the Fireswamps, the dark skies of the Dark Plains occupy the area. Skullbashers and other hideous creatures infest the area. Apart from the SACT camp, the only NPCs are several vendors, a Monkey Skyway Agent, and Demongo.


  • In the original release, the player could jump into the ravine, but would be killed at the bottom (a game effect: in the bottom where no there was fusion matter and no hazard, the player would automatically be killed). Now there are invisible walls and the player can't even draw near to the ravine.
  • The reason the player was made to die in the bottom of the ravine was that had the player not done so, one would have been stuck there forever, inasmuch as the ravine is gigantic and cannot be climbed either alone or with Nanos, and there were glitches that caused the player to be unable to warp to a buddy.


Skull Basher Fusionfly Wooly Behemoth