Hiro Oozora
Vital statistics
Real name Hiro Oozora
Age 14
Series Danball Senki
Location Artemis Stadium
Nano Item Ikarus Force

Hiro Oozora (大空ヒロ Oozora Hiro) is one of the main heroes in the Danball Senki W series


In FusionFall he's at Artemis Stadium to restore the LBX and defend Earth with them. He serves as the main mission guide for the restoration of the LBX, which also involves a mission which will give the player a Nano of Ikarus Force. After all of his missions are accomplished, Hiro will give the player a set of armor from his LBX Ikarus Force.


  • The name "Hiro" is a pun on the word "Hero," a title referring to his favorite TV character, Senshiman.

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