Haru's new look 1
Vital statistics
Real name Haru
Alias Rin Tin
Age 15
Species Human
Designation Mission Giver
Series Adventure Time
Location Prickly Pines
Nano Item Old Dog Hat
Voiced by Greg Cipes

Haru is a childhood friend of Yuki. He had been thought to have lost his life at the age of nine by falling into an underground cavern. Actually, Haru survived among a primitive race of mutant humanoids named "Hyoomans," who, like Finn, wear uniquely animal-themed hats. He was raised by them and learned the Hyooman culture, hiding his identity with a dog hat and going by the name "Rin-Tin." However, after Finn, Jake, and Yuki helped to save the Hyoomans' home, "Beautopia," Haru returned to Ooo with them.

Character History



  • Both Haru and Yuki have Japanese names: Haru's name means "spring" and Yuki's means "snow."

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