FrankieA World Mission Goo Goo Ga Gone
Level 15
Difficulty Easy
Character Frankie
Place Foster's Home - The Suburbs
Talk to Wilt, Mac, and Flapjack about Goo.
My Notes
I talked to Wilt, Mac, and Flapjack and found that Goo was safe.

Mission Offer

Goo Goo Ga Gone
Goo ran off into The Wilds to look for Mac and Coco. Wanna help me track her down?

Mission Details

Step 1
Talk to Wilt.

WiltA Wilt
Goo wandered off into The Wilds when she heard Mac and Coco were at the Jungle Outpost. I'm sorry, but I haven't heard news of her since. Maybe Mac knows.

Step 2
Talk to Mac.

MacA Mac
I was starting to worry when I first heard about Goo disappearing. Recently I got a message from Flapjack at Leakey Lake about Goo. Go talk to him.

Step 3
Talk to Flapjack.

FlapjackA Flapjack
Goo created a bunch of imaginary friends that were part Fusion once she noticed the Fusion creatures in the area. I got her to stop, though. I've been looking after her. You can let Frankie know that Goo's safe and she's in good hands.

Step 4
Talk to Goo.

GooA Goo
Hi! I was lost in the forest and I got really scared at first but then I met this really nice and friendly guy named Flapjack. Which is weird because isn't that like another word for "pancake"? Anyway, now I'm feeling so much better. Flapjack's going to take care of me and I'll be all right here for now. So would you please go tell Frankie that I'm all right? That'd be really nice of you. I like it when people are nice to me.

Step 5
Talk to Frankie.

FrankieA Frankie
Thanks for helping me find Goo. It's good to know she's safe.

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