Fusionfall: Ultimate Crisis is a new fanfiction series being developed by Thaxander12(IF I don't forget about the forum atleast.) It is also his first entrance to Fanonfall. The series is made in 2016...during fanonfall's inactivity.


On an alternate Earth, all of it's inhabitants have been killed by a stronger version of Lord Fuse, this has left the world's only hope being sent into an alternate dimension..toward's Earth-1

Michael Novae has arrived on Earth-1, nobody exactly knowing who he is or how he got here..he's been sent to this dimension just so Fuse wouldnt be capable of getting towards him and his power. Michael has now joined up with the resistance..alongside a few tag-alongs


  • Michael Novae: A hero from an alternate universe, one that has been doomed..Novae has been sent to Earth-1, to continue the fight..and offer some cool new gadgets to end the war as fast as he can.
  • Bliss: An unknown female, Bliss was reportedly the perfect child of a scientist by the name of Janet Cog, she was used by Cog to be a war weapon against all that stood in her way. having been born similar to the powerpuff girls..minus the amount of ingredients needed, making her less powerful then them.
  • Dare: A noble demon from the realm of Under, Dare has been thought of as ugly. something that actually hurts his feelings..usually ended with him going into some infernal rage of sorts.
  • Sea Sapphire: Sea Sapphire was a former homeless gem, having decided to come to Earth to avoid Homeworld. she ended up battling fusions and with special time has Sea Sapphire grown to enjoy Earth's culture.


  • This story was originally on the Fusionfall Legacy forums, but due to laziness got destroyed.
  • The timeline of the era is sort of an inconsistency, the era takes place atleast in the middle of the war..JUST EXACTLY where the player appears in.
  • This story can be counted as an AU also, since Novae replaces the main character(you) and other happenings, also considering the fact there's a bunch of GEMS in the war, In this case Sea

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