FusionFall: The Animated Series is an American animated series created by Levon Hakobyan, Erab Azraeu, Greg Grigon, and produced by Cartoon Network Studios. The show first premiered on Cartoon Network on March 11, 2010. Subsequent episodes were produced by Rebecca Sugar and the YouTube user named AliceTheGamer for Comedy Central, starting March 10, 2012, of a significantly more "adult" nature and which were closely bound to the mythology of her own Steven Universe cosmos. Following the Valentine's Day episode "Birth of Zoisite" in 2015, massive protests in the United States induced Cartoon Network to announce that the Comedy Central episodes were "not in continuity" with the main body of the show, and to ban a number of those episodes from airing on Cartoon Network, Boomerang, or Cartoon


Planet Fusion, ruled by the evil Fuse, has traveled throughout the galaxy for millennia, devastating and absorbing countless planets and civilizations, and its next target will be the planet Earth, specifically the Cartoon Network universe. Now everyone must join forces with the heroes and villains of the Cartoon Network universe to save the planet and defeat Fuse.


Main Characters (Guides,NPCs)


Dexter is the younger (but more intelligent) brother of Dee Dee. He is a boy genius and is fully devoted to science, but he is also very arrogant and takes great pride in his intelligence. In the series, he has a lab behind his bookshelf, where he performs experiments and creates inventions, which usually leads to trouble for him and his surroundings. His lab is usually devastated by his sister Dee Dee who just wants to play with his inventions.


Benjamin Kirby Tennyson, or Ben, is the grandson of Maxwell Tennyson, now a friend to his former enemy Kevin, and a cousin of Gwen Tennyson. Ben was an average ten-year old kid until he accidentally found the Omnitrix, an alien device that allowed him to turn into ten different alien species. With the powers of the Omnitrix, he began his long career as a crime fighter, saving the universe multiple times.

He and Rex Salazar (both created by Man of Action) later had a crossover special where Ben was pulled into the world of Generator Rex and joined Rex in fighting a new threat. (Rex at first thought Ben himself was the threat when he took one of Ben's alien forms for an E.V.O..)


Mandark is a rival to Dexter in Dexter's Laboratory. His goal is to humiliate Dexter and destroy his laboratory. He also has a huge crush on Dexter's sister, Dee Dee, who despises him. (In the Comedy Central episodes he leaves the league of Extraordinary and abandons his rivalry with Dexter (See the "Censorship and Banned Episodes" content, below. This is officially stated to be "out of continuity" by Cartoon Network.)

Main Characters (Users)

Alice Managelo

Alice is very activea, sympathetic and emotional girl, who tries her best at matchmaking but often fails. She adores adventure trough places, like her mother; Lauren Managelo who is the formerly CIA spy

Eriole Stamford

Pairie Saturday

Secondary Characters (NPCs)

Secondary Characters (Users)

  • Leon Starfield
  • Rihanna McBeacon
  • Star Greenberg
  • Stan Greenberg
  • Jamie Lightning
  • Craig Bomberman
  • Cylene Wakeman
  • Lydia Firefly
  • Emma Jones
  • Blaster McFly
  • Lowy Chang
  • Nicky Mannequin

Japanese Adoptation(s)

Voice Actors

English Version

  • Dexter - Candi Milo
  • Mandark - Eddie Deezen (Episode 1-5), Scott Menville (Episode 6-Now)
  • Ben Tennyson - Yuri Lowenthal
  • Dee Dee - Kat Cressida (Episode 1-5), Megan Smith (Episode 6-Now)
  • Alice Managelo/Eriole Stamford/Mandy - Tara Strong
  • Pairie Saturday/Gwen Tennyson - Ashley Johnson
  • Kevin Levin - Greg Cipes

Japanese Version

  • Dexter - Kasane Teto
  • Mandark - Kagamine Len (Episode 1-10), Kenn (Episode 11-Now)
  • Ben Tennyson - Sochiro Hoshi
  • Dee Dee - Rie Tanaka
  • Alice Managelo/Mandy - Yoko Honna
  • Eriole Stamford - Junko Takeuchi
  • Pairie Saturday - Eri Sendai
  • Gwen Tennyson - Ai Nakano
  • Kevin Levin - Noriaki Sugiyama

Censorship and Banned Episodes

The Banned Episodes have been removed from episodes list and are aired and streamed only on

List of Banned Episodes on

In this episode Dexter says the F-Word to Jimmy

Alice berates Blaster and says the F-word to Blaster rapidly.

Dexter says he has a crush on Mandark; Amethyst says, "Dexter, are you really not bisexual?"; Eriole says, "Asshole!” After this episode airs on, a member of a FusionFall fan group requests Cartoon Network to make a "Clean Version" of this episode called "Boy Vs. Girl".

Dexter and Mandark share their first kiss (This episode aired on and, sparking massive protests in the United States; it is quickly withdrawn from the Cartoon Network site, but remains on Comedy Central. A Cartoon Network spokesman officially denies that this and the previously listed episodes are in the series' continuity, and they are removed from the episodes list.)

This Episode are the parody of Spongebob Squarepants Episode "Band Geek"

Pilot Episode

Before the official series was aired Greg Grigon the creator of this series was aired his 2D pilot animation episode called "Cartoon Network: Dawn of The Fusion" on website and Comedy Central Site and the FusionFall game was inspired from his pilot episode


Fan art


Official Artwork


Opening From Episode 0-Episode 5

Opening From Episode 6-Now


  • On August 29, 2013, the game's servers were shut down result to FusionFall: The Animated Series was stopped airing in Cartoon Network, and Comedy Central for 153 days after the game's servers has been shut down
  • After the first five episodes of Season 1 was aired some characters was changed their designs
  • The OVA series of FusionFall: The Animated Series was aired only on Comedy Central site and released on and Blu-ray in April 13, 2015
  • Alice's Fuse-Buster Team have one formerly member (as seen on Comedy Central Episode "Keep Calm and Fighting Fuse")
  • Star and Stan Greenberg's Design was inspired by 2-D from Gorillaz

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