Dr. Eggman
Vital statistics
Real name Dr Ivo Robotnik
Alias Eggman
Age 48
Species Human
Designation Mission Giver

voice = Jim Cummings

Series Sonic
Location Egg Palace East
Nano Item Wrench


Dr. Eggman was in his Death Egg when Planet Fusion arrived. He first made sure that all the parts of his ship and the Metals were went to Earth, but there was no time to save himself, and so he was killed by Fuse's attack. But before dying, Dr. Eggman soul trapped himself from what he learned in Solitude in order to still communicate with the living and was then sent to the Soul Cairn for eternity. Dr. Eggman was aware that he died and was sorry for all the things he had done to Sonic and his friends and tried to make it up to it by writing plans for defenses against the Fusion hordes. However, it is later revealed that his fake clone is the one who is helping the heroes. Eggman later de-activates the Clone.


  • Dr. Eggman is the creator of the Death Egg and the Metals and sent them to Earth, so that the Death Egg and the Metals wouldn't get infected by Fusion Matter.
    • Metal Amy is most affected by his death, though this may be because of her human mind that allows her to process him in a different way from her companions.
    • It is revealed in Mega Man's mission "Doctors Are The Worst" that Eggman faked his own death, and that the Eggman above the Death Egg was a clone. Eggman's calculations had prepared him weeks earlier for the attack.
    • Dr. Eggman has conquered the West City Sewage Plant. There is only one Fusion Lair there.

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