Vital statistics
Age 13-15
Series Dexter's Laboratory
Location Tech Square
Nano Item Wrench
Voiced by Candi Milo
It's a great day...for science!

Dexter is the younger (but more intelligent) brother of Dee Dee. He is a boy genius and is fully devoted to science, but he is also very arrogant and takes great pride in his intelligence. In the series, he has a lab behind his bookshelf, where he performs experiments and creates inventions, which usually leads to trouble for him and his surroundings. His lab is usually devastated by his sister Dee Dee who just wants to play with his inventions.

Prior to FusionFall, Dexter has asserted himself as a world famous genius and inventor, and can sometimes seem like the leader in the fight against Fuse. Before he hit his teenage years, Dexter founded his company, DexLabs, and became more and more withdrawn therefore after. Computress, Dexter's robotic assistant became his only companion.


The Future

At an unspecified time, the Hero has enlisted in a DexLabs time travel project. Before Dexter can program a destination into the machine, Dee Dee messes up the project (with her most famous line, "Ooooh! What does this button do?"), and sends the Hero into the far future where Planet Fusion's invasion has almost completely overtaken Earth. Dexter appears briefly and helps the Hero fight off his/her first Fusion, Fusion Buttercup. He is seen earlier helping Numbuh One, but disappears after Tech Square is devoured by the Fusion Invasion, signifying that he was lost after Tech Square fell. Shortly after on, a holographic message comes from Dexter for the characters to help the Hero back to the past.

The Past

Dexter can be found in Tech Square in front of DexLabs, alongside Computress. He has constructed a home for his parents on top of his company building in order to protect them after Fusion Spawns started appearing around his old house in Genius Grove. However, his old lab there is still a Fusion target. His robots, the DexBots, are found all over the world.

FusionFall: The Animated Series

Dexter's Hydrokinetic Power

This Power of mine is inside you, Dexter.

–Lapis Lazuli

In the Comedy Central continuity of FusionFall: The Animated Series, Dexter has found "The Power" inside him in the episode "Worth of Walpurgis Night." Lapis Lazuli informs him that he has Hydrokinetic Power like her.

Dexter and Mandark's First Fusion (Rhodochrosite)

Garnet, are you thinking what I'm thinking ?


In the Comedy Central episode "Birth of Rhodochrosite (Part Two)" Mandark says he doesn't hate Dexter, but loves him; after a while Dexter and Mandark are fused into Rhodochrosite after dancing.


  • In the series he is short and is eight years old, but in FusionFall, he is around 13-15 and as tall as a teenager. Because of this, his Nano resembles his cartoon form more than he does (mostly in size).
  • In the pilot episode and first five episodes of FusionFall: The Animated Series Dexter's eye color was gray, but after the first five episodes aired, Dexter's eye color was changed to blue.
  • In the Comedy Central continuity episode "Worth of Walpurgis Night," Lapis Lazuli confirms that Dexter is a "half-Human, half-Gem" (unlike Mandark, who is a "Pure Blood Gem").
  • In the Comedy Central continuity, Dexter has a Gem Locations on his back and his chest (as seen in the artwork).
  • In the Comedy Central continuity episode "Forgotten Sea," Dexter was captured by Fusion Mandark, but later escaped from the Fusion Lair by using his Hydrokinetic Power.
  • In the Comedy Central continuity episode "That Will Be All" Future Dexter are genderless because of laboratory accident
  • Dexter's Official Character Theme Song are "This Is What You Came For (Extraordinary Troll Remix)" performed by AliceTheGamer
  • Dexter and Mandark were kissed two time (first time in Comedy Central Episode "Birth Of Rhodochrosite (Part One)" and the second time in "Andromeda's Dillema")


Official Artwork

Fan Art

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