Dark City-Wallpapers
Dark City
Area Level 63
NPCs Mr. Krabs
Red X
Rei Miyamoto

Dark City is a stereotypical city except for its massive amounts of Fusion and political corruption. To the east players may find the Slender Woods; to the west, the Wicked Woods. Volcano Mountain stands to the South, on an outspur of the Pimpleback Mountains. Dark City, like Gaul, is divided into three major parts: the Alley Way district, where most shops are; the Civilian District, where most residents of the city live and visitors congregate; and the Stellar District, which mostly consists of the Stellar Corporation factories.

Stellar Corporation

Most of the corruption of the city is due to its crooked government, which has seized control of most of the private industries, and formed them into the conglomerate Stellar Corporation. The Stellar Corporation supplies many cities, including Elmore, Marzipan City, and Townsville, with electricity and other utilities. The reason why Stellar Corporation is being so grossly mismanaged is that its government appointed administrator, Eugene Krabs, isn't really the true heir to the ownership.

Gonzo Stellar was the owner of the company, but when he fell seriously ill, Mr. Krabs was named to head the company by the Mayor. Mr. Krabs has been treating the company as a cash cow and a money-laundering scheme for the local politicos. With city tax money pumped into its operations, Stellar Corporation expanded its operations so much that it took up a whole district in the city, which the City Council duly renamed the Stellar District.

Because of Mr. Krab's cheapness and greed, he has served as the perfect stooge for the mayor and town council. Recently, the mayor has ordered a reluctant Krabs to invest heavily in a new project: opening a mine to dig up Aetherium, a mineral that serves as a very strong conductor, to sell to the Aperture Science Corporation for the purpose of developing further portal technology.


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