Danny Dynamite
Vital statistics

Danny Dynamite was a normal eleven-year-old in Cobra City. When the Fusion War got intense, Danny decided to join in with his team. However, Danny's team got separated in the Battle of Nowhere. The battle occured after Dexter found a way to escape. Danny gets his name because he used to have a secret alternative identity: Dynamite, the super hero. He got his powers from a mysterious ring of flames that he found on a trip in the desert. His team and friends, Puck, Jalen, and Cody, also found the rings of water, electricity, and earth next to Danny's rings. When Danny activates his ring, he wears a red t-shirt and blue jeans. He has the powers of fire.


Danny can be found at Tech Square. He currently does not give any missions. He sells the player radical items, such as Bey Blasters and Hoverboards. His friend, Cody, can be found a few feet from Danny. Cody mentions that they are not talking. Cody gives two missions, both Nano missions. His missions include the Cody and Danny Nano, and players must reconcile him and Danny. Danny believes that Cody stole his video games, because the day before Danny told Cody he could not borrow them. However, this mission is similar to Finn and Jake's crisis, because a Fusion Cody took the games.

Puck is stationed in Central City, and tells the player that he got separated from his teammates. He also tells the player to tell his friends that he will return, but they need him in Central City to use his powers of Earth. Jalen is one of the heroes kidnapped by Fusion Demongo. Later, in a mission from Dexter, when the player saves a number of heroes, Jalen is among them. He also accidentally frees Trigon's spirit, which, at the end of the game, defeats Lord Fuse and takes his throne. He then takes all of Fuse's fusions, and makes them the soulless ones.

Danny has a crush on Starfire, but continually gets rejected.

Danny also has a close friendship with Tony Clark of the Amazing Spiez Team.

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