Chapter 7
Published April 4, 2013
Written by Ghost Plasmore (ODROverdrive)
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"Confidence" is the seventh chapter of the FanFiction.Net series, Fusion Fall: The Story of Pike Aftershock.


After observation of William's distant and loner attitude, Pike has to look further into it. After school, the Fusion Fall Fight Club meets, and Ulrich and William are sparring. As Pike observes, they display animosity towards each other. William wins by an armbar, and Pike walks up to him and sparks a conversation with him.

William goes into the group's past, and speaks of the hardships that the group endured, before and during Odd's departure, and how worried they were. Then he revealed that Jérémie was killed by Fuse himself, who murdered him because he wouldn't disclose Odd's location, and then a week later, Odd was captured.


  • Jérémie's cause of death is finally explained.
  • This chapter contains the Final Mission Journal.


  • William Dunbar
  • Pike

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