Breaking Point
Chapter 11
Published April 20, 2013
Written by Ghost Plasmore (ODROverdrive)
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"Breaking Point" is the eleventh chapter of the FusionFall.Net series, Fusion Fall: The Story of Pike Aftershock.


Six months after the events of "Into the Null Void," Pike is having twin babies with Buttercup and is getting ready to leave for Providence on that Monday. At the Fusion Fall Academy, students are allowed one weekend on Earth, before final transfer to Providence HQ. Pike visits Alysson, who had a mental breakdown after Pike left and who still loves him, and Rebecca, who reveals a small crush she had on him.

After time with them, he is sent to Lyoko to meet Xana, and lets it be known that he is a new warrior and there to help with the war on Fuse. Then Odd Della Robbia takes him to France to see the sights.

He comes back to the Academy, talks to Nina, who then also reveals a crush on him.


  • Pike gains multiple love interests in this story.
  • It is announced that Buttercup is having twins.
  • This is the first Chapter of Cycle 2.


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