Vital statistics
Real name Benjamin Kirby Tennyson
Alias Ben 10
Age 16
Species Human
Designation Guide

Mission Giver

Series Ben 10
Location Offworld Plaza
Nano Item Sumo Slammer Card
Voiced by Yuri Lowenthal
It's hero time!

Benjamin "Ben" Kirby Tennyson is the grandson of Maxwell Tennyson, friend to his former enemy Kevin and cousin of Gwen Tennyson. Ben was an average ten-year old kid, until he accidentally found the Omnitrix, an exceedingly strong and powerful alien wristwatch-like device that allowed him to turn into ten different alien species. With the powers of the Omnitrix, he began to fight criminals around the world, and attracted alien threats too. Ben eventually took off the watch, after not being able to all summer long, and resumed the life of a normal kid.

Five years later, after his grandfather had gone missing investigating an alien plot to destroy Earth, Ben made the hard decision to put back on the Omnitrix and finish the investigation his grandfather had started. As of episode 46 of Ben 10: Alien Force, Ben has destroyed the Omnitrix, which was on the wrist of Vilgax at the time. Ben then took from Albedo the Ultimatrix, an alien device that allows him to transform into any of over 63 accessible sets of aliens found across the galaxy and with a total set of at least 1,000,910 aliens and with the incredible ability to evolve the aliens into their Ultimate Forms, granting them new and stronger powers and abilities.

Ben ten


Worlds Collide!

After the first Terrafusers landed on earth, fifteen-year old Ben (as Four-arms), teamed up with Dexter to defend Foster's Home, Mac, and Bloo from the Fusion Spawn invaders.

With the help of Professor Utonium, Dexter developed plans for an Electronic Pulse Cannon to disable the Terrafusers. Unfortunately, two key parts to the E.P.C. were in the custody of both his nemesis, Mandark, and the villain, Mojo Jojo. Mojo's lair was raided by a team consisting of Ben, Numbuh Two, Bubbles, and Blossom. Ben was able to bypass Mojo's security system as the Galvanic Mechomorph he called "Upgrade." Despite a Fusion Spawn attack, that part was recovered without a hitch, since Mojo and his minions had abandoned the lair in their attempt to conquer Planet Fusion. Ben (once again as Swampfire) then helped defend Dexter's ship against the Fusion Spawns in order to buy him and Professor Utonium time to fire the cannon. However, due to a miscalculation by Mandark, the cannon fire was too late to stop the Terafusers from summoning Planet Fusion and its army to Earth.


Ben is having more problems than usual with the Omnitrix, which started acting strange as soon as Planet Fusion appeared. This can be seen in the FusionFall trailer, with Ben running away from a Horror King, while trying to turn into one of his aliens, only to be rescued by a passing hero on a zipline. With a basic understanding of how the Omnitrix works, Dexter helps to keep the Omnitrix stable when it starts to go haywire. When Ben is able to use the Omnitrix, Fusion Gwen always appears to steal a piece from his alien hero forms, such as a talon from Jetray, fur from Spidermonkey, a stone from Chromastone, or a swamp root from Swampfire, presumably in order to create Fusion versions of them. Later it was shown that Fuse had also stolen a scale from Humongousaur, and had earlier acquired a barbell from Four Arms. It is revealed by Paradox that Vilgax is the one who figured out how to disrupt Ben's Omnitrix (with the unintentional assistance of the hero) by somehow blocking the Omnitrix's signal from Primus. Together with Paradox, Azmuth, and the Ben 10 crew, the hero will try to get Ben's Omnitrix (Ultimatrix) back to normal.


Ben 10

Fusion Fall: The Story of Pike Aftershock

In "Fusion Fall: The Story of Pike Aftershock," Ben is the Fusion Fall Academy East dorm adviser turned Weapons Training Teacher following the death of Nigel Uno. He was in the squadron that was in battle during the capture that caused the imprisonment of Odd Della Robbia.

New Aliens

In FusionFall, since all worlds are one, Ben wanted to collect more DNA for his Ultimatrix. Though Ben is far from getting enough alien data, he has already have a large number of aliens.


  • Gwen - Gwen and Ben are very close and have lots of history together.
  • Kevin Levin - Kevin and Ben are best friends, but do have a sort of love/hate relationship. 
  • Grandpa Max - Ben is always hanging with his grandpa when he can. Max and Ben are always up to doing new things. They travel a lot together and bust aliens a lot together.
  • Bubbles - Being famous like Bubbles Ben has lots of fans, so he always has girls around him. Bubbles is considered "America's Biggest Sweetheart," while Ben is being considered "America's biggest jerk of a hero." Ben was super nervous to ask Bubbles out, but when he did she accepted and they went out to a get a smoothie and watch a movie. At the movie Ben leaned in to kiss Bubbles, but she rejected him. Bubbles taught Ben how to be more humble and to show more consideration towards other people. Ben realized he was in deep love with Bubbles and after many situations and events, he ended up asking her to be his girlfriend; she ultimately accepted. Ben and Bubbles seem to be the only healthy boyfriend/girlfriend couple so far in Fusionfall.  
  • Alice Managelo - In FusionFall: The Animated Series he knows that Alice have a crush on him anyways In the tenth Episode of Season 2 "The Book of Love" he and Alice was share their first kiss  


  • Ben is practically the poster boy for FusionFall since he can be seen in nearly every advertisement for the game that Cartoon Network has; he was, in fact, formerly listed as the "protagonist of the game" on Wikipedia. Dexter would be a close second.
  • Ben is in a permanent relationship with nobody, though he has dated several characters.

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