Beauty in Peach Creek Wilds
Beauty is a level 22 Fusion Blowfish that players can find wandering the southern bank of Peach Creek Wilds. Her route is extremely simple, being one rather small rectangle along the bank of the lake, near the exit from the Underwater Cave. She is easily the most dangerous enemy in the area, except for the Fusions found in the Shipwreck Infected Zone. Fortunately, she is the least aggressive of the blowfish, and will not attack players, even if they are in her path, unless they attack first. Beauty is one of three blowfish to reside in an area where the monsters are weaker than she (the others being Judy and Tootie). Beauty, like the other Fusion Blowfish, uses Eruption and Stun attacks.

Beauty may drop a C.R.A.T.E. containing some armor, weapons, or the non-tradable Beauty Blowfish backpack.

Beauty's backpack is Maroon.