Battle Frontier
Chapter 17-20
Published 10-21-13
Written by Ghost Plasmore (ODROverdrive)
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Pike: Raindrops
"Battle Frontier" is the four-part series finale of Fusion Fall: The Story of Pike Aftershock, Cycle 2. This was written by Ghost Plasmore of ODROverdrive, on FanFiction.Net.

Part One

Pike is preparing for graduation, happy that he went supposedly undiscovered. It turns that out a week before, Ares had discovered him, but has decided to keep it a secret, until it is shown that Pike has become a threat to the academy. Buttercup goes into labor, but sends Pike back to the Null Void for graduation. Pike tries to protest, but then decides to give in. Fuse starts the invasion and exposes Pike as his "loyal" minion; Ares prepares to behead him for being a traitor. Buttercup gives birth.


  • The twins are finally born.
  • Pike is exposed.
  • This was originally the end of a cycle, but is now the end of the series, because a sequel series is in the works.


  • Pike
  • Ares
  • Buttercup

Part Two

Pike is taken to a dungeon for being a traitor, where he is being watched by staff, and for some time is tortured by Ares. Fuse kidnaps him and tells him that he is to join him faithfully or die. Pike decided that death would be better then joining the side of evil, so he is then prepared for a beheading.

Aelita tells the others that Pike was innocent. Odd, Kevin, Ben, and Dexter prepare to go on a rescue mission to save Pike.


  • This is Kevin's second mentioning in the series.


  • Pike
  • Aelita
  • Odd

Part Three

Pike is taken to the guillotine, and his life and relationship with Alysson are explored in depth in the flashbacks he has before pending execution. When rescued, he makes it back to the Null Void to save everyone, and his Eevee changes form. Rebecca joins the fight.


  • Cupcake evolves from an Eevee to a Sylveon.


  • Pike

Part Four

Pike battles Lord Fuse, nearly losing his life in the process.



  • Pike
  • Rebecca

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