Atlantis is a lost island nation that sank into the sea a long time ago. In ancient times, the island was ruled by kings of great power, with an open government and benevolence to the citizens, causing it to be renowned as a trading spot. However, as the years passed, the Atlanteans grew arrogant and complacent, angering the Greek gods, who caused Atlantis to sink into the oceans with storms and earthquake, never to be seen again.


Ancient legends claim that Poseidon, the god of the sea, fell in love with a mortal woman from Atlantis and married her. The woman bore five sets of male twins, with Atlas, the eldest son, becoming the ruler of the island and the ocean it was situated in, whence the names Atlantis and the Atlantic Ocean. A civilization grew from there, with gold, tin, and orichalcum mined for the economy.

As stated above, the Atlanteans grew so proud and lazy that the gods destroyed the island nation, sinking it into the sea.


In the Fusionfall Adventure, "Primal Madness", the player heads to the lost city to rescue Kyogre and Groudon, who are held captive in a temple ruin by Fusion Ash and Fusion Bubbles. Since the temple is the only structure jutting out of the sea, the player can find it easily and defeat the Fusions. After the battle, the Legendary Pokémon are free and Kyogre ferries the player back to City Island.


  • So far, Atlantis is one of the locations that feature in most shows, cartoons, and anime. Several characters from these shows have discovered it lying down in the ocean floor, with its inhabitants still alive due to advanced technology.

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