You damn stupid.

–Alice's catchphrase

Alice Managelo
Vital statistics
Age 15-16
Species Human
Location Tech Square
Voiced by AliceTheGamer

Alice Managelo is the Fan-made NPC Character and Main User Character in FusionFall: The Animated Series created by AliceTheGamer


Alice has short, yellow blonde hair and blue eyes. She wears her hair up in a ponytail, held up by a light blue hairclip that she was given by Dexter. She has the same haircut, as her mother.


Alice is very activea, sympathetic and emotional girl, who tries her best at matchmaking but often fails. She love to adventure around trough place, like her mother; Lauren Managelo who is the formerly CIA spy



Eriole Stamford

Pairie Saturday

Star Greenberg

Stan Greenberg




Dexter - Alice and Dexter were a best friends because Alice are working in DexLabs as a engineer

Love Interests

Ben - Alice also have a "Super Mega Ultra Extravaganza Crush" on Ben as first sight

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